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Hubble plot showing various configurations of subtraction and photometry algorithms.


Most info will be in the targets module. The targets are broken into four categories.

UKIRT Helper

Tools to create an xml file for importing into the UKIRT observing tool.
  1. Synchronize the database with the oberving tool. Perform one of the following:
    • Calculate today's MSB list based on yesterday's file and the observed MSBs on the project website.
    • Export today's MSB list as YYMMDD.xml and put it on the drive in the ukirt_ot_backups folder.
  2. Click on the first target in the table of candidates
  3. Choose designation for each target: queue if the target looks like an early Ia, junk if it looks late or rises too fast, or candidate if the target isn't obviously good or bad.
  4. Checkout with the button and wait for the progress bar to go from 0 to 100
  5. Download the file new_YYMMDD.xml from the drive and import it to the observing tool
  6. Address a known bug. Sometimes GUIDE or SKYGUIDE have an extra term at 5h45m ish RA. Remove those.
  7. Submit the observations to the UKIRT database


Short and long term goals. Often not up to date. One day, should become a to-do list or work blog


Log in/out, create and manage a personal list of targets